Diabolical Disc by Dan Harlan

Diabolical Disc by Dan Harlan

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Magic Inc. is proud to present our latest trick from the diabolical mind of Dan Harlan, DIABOLICAL DISC.

EFFECT: A wonderful, modern mystery. The magician plays a CD, removes it from the player and presents it for examination. Putting the disc in its mystical case, the magician proceeds to do the impossible by magically penetrating the disc with two sharpened pencils. When the disc is removed from the case, it is shown to be unharmed, and in perfect working order.

You get everything you need to perform this trick: the CD, vinyl case, pencils, and complete instructions. A must-have illusion that packs small and plays big. DIABOLICAL DISC the new CD deceiver.

Effetto, un cd è inserito in una custodia, due matite lo attraversano, ottimo 

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