Stars Of Magic Volume 4 (Derek Dingle)

Stars Of Magic Volume 4 (Derek Dingle)

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un dvd con effetti di una stella della magia.


The only video currently available from this master of close-up magic. Dingle's reputation as one of the world's best sleight-of-hand artists is unsurpassed.
  • We'll Twist
  • Elmsley Aces
  • Universal Card
  • Bertram Coin Assembly
  • All Backs
  • Cigarette Through Quarter

"A magician's magician."
- Dick Cavett
"World's greatest sleight-of-hand artist"
- Bob McAllister - Wonderama
"We have with us the greatest card manipulator in the world."
- Barbara Walters
"Reckoned by most magicians to be the greatest card manipulator extant."
- Time Magazine

Running Time Approximately 59min

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