Grift Sense book Jim Swain

Grift Sense book Jim Swain

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Un giallo ambientato nel mondo dei bari


Meet Tony Valentine--ex-cop, lifelong misanthrope, sixtysomething freelance grifter-hunter. There isn't a casino pit boss alive in the U.S.A. who hasn't employed his special skills of flushing out greedy hustlers one time or another.

Only this time, things are different. This time, what at first seemed like an easy job is getting really ugly really fast. This time, double-crossing the double-crosser may have Tony cashing in his chips...permanently.

"Grift Sense is a superb mystery, loaded with suspense, cunning and more twists and turns than a crooked gambler's conscience. This is the real deal!"
-Steve Forte, President of the International Gaming Specialists

Hardbound, 304 Pages

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