Skilled Deck by Nathan James

Skilled Deck by Nathan James

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Un apertura notevole,

un mazzo di carte che si muove sulla tua mano, una carta scelta che si solleva dal pacchetto e molto altro ancora

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After many years in the making, Nathan James has produced his Skilled Deck. This is a great opener, ideal for any card performer. Check out the real-time uncut video sequence above to see how effective this is.

Some of the effects possible with Skilled Deck include:
  • Cards rise from box, either vertically or horizontally
  • Deck resting on your hand begins to stand up
  • Card box swivels on your hand
  • Defies gravity
You must see it to believe it! You can accomplish these magical effects!

The best thing is, after you have performed these amazing effects, the deck of cards is totally examinable, and can be used for your favorite card routines. Just place the cards back in the box, and you are reset for your next performance!

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