Inked (DVD and Gimmicks) by Fred Darevil and Alakazam Magic

Inked (DVD and Gimmicks) by Fred Darevil and Alakazam Magic

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Un mazzetto di figurine con dei tatuaggi, uno spettatore  sceglie una di queste figurine con più tatuaggi e non solo riuscirete a indovinare quale tatuaggio ha scellto ma anche dove è posizionato nel corpo

un effetto di mentalismo curioso



"This is something you can carry with you at all times and proves to be a nice little mystery for your audience. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
Inked is a powerful mindreading effect that fits in your wallet!

Tattoos are becoming a big part of popular culture and a way for many people to express themselves. Our good friend Fred Darevil has created a packet mind reading effect that you are going to love performing.

Imagine having your spectator think of a tattoo from a choice of 25 (no force) and a part of their body to be tattooed. You ask them to imagine the needle touching that part of their body, as they are imagining this you start to feel their pain, revealing not only what part of their body they choose but also the exact image (with no fishing)!

Inked comes with 10 beautifully designed full colour plastic cards (that will last a lifetime) and full access to the in-depth teaching video.

Inked is easy to do and something you will carry with you everywhere!

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