Jumping J Trick by Nimble Mind

Jumping J Trick by Nimble Mind

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Si mostra un Jolly e si fa scegliere una carta, la carta si perde nel mazzo e il jolly si trasforma in una carta più piccola, questa carta mini jolly è inserita nel mazzo per trovare la carta persa, aprendo il mazzo il jolly risulta stampato sulla carta precedentemente scelta.


Looking for fun and powerful card magic that's easy to do? Then Jumping J is the trick for you!

In this routine from BH and Nimble Mind, a full-size Joker shrinks and then disappears into the pack, looking for a spectators selection. However, despite popping out from the deck, it ends up permanently stuck to the back of the spectator's selection!

Simple to construct, set up and perform, this fun effect is one both you and your audiences will enjoy! Buy yours today!

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