Paul Harris Presents Quantum Angel by Paul Harris

Paul Harris Presents Quantum Angel by Paul Harris

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Un effetto strepitoso in cui uno spettatore ha un nome segreto di una cosa o persona che ritrova in una piccola lettera dorata portata da un angelo stampato sul dorso delle carte (dopo aver visto quest'angelo muoversi con un effetto flick book sul dorso del mazzetto). 




00:49:41 - "Quantum Angel" by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert which is an improvement on Paul's "Cardian Angel" where an angel on the Bicycle card animates as you flip through the cards and a miniature envelope is revealed that contains a secret message. Recommended. -The Magic Word Podcast, Reviewer

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Paul Harris


By Paul Harris (Special Thanks to Bro Gilbert)

"A Bicycle Angel Hand Delivers a special Message to your spectator!"

A printed angel visibly reaches into the card's "hyper-dimensional quantum zone" to pull out a tiny "angel" envelope. Sealed inside the envelope, written in ruby red pencil on golden paper, is the spectator's secret name or word.
If you can riffle cards, you're ready to QUANTUM!

Watch the Astonishing Demo:
  • No presetting the spectator's word. This is a self-contained real-time miracle.
  • Super Easy. Nothing to palm, load, steal, switch or ditch.
  • Features a killer card prediction with gimmick built right into the unit.
  • Convenient self-contained small packet fits into your shirt pocket ... So no need to carry an extra deck.
  • Resets in seconds.
  • Your Quantum Angel can deliver birthday wishes, your phone number, corporate logo, thank you notes... even a tiny love letter.
Performed and Taught by Chris Turchi and Brandon David
Based on Cardian Angel By Paul Harris and Mike Maxwell
Inspired by Dan Harlan's CARD-TOON


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