Cas na Clocha Standard Edition

Cas na Clocha Standard Edition

Codice Prodotto:2080
  • 75,00€

  • Imponibile: 75,00€

Questo effetto creerà nel pubblico un esperienza da non dimenticare, raccontando di un antico farà una magia straordinaria.

Quit showing spectators effect after effect, and give them an experience instead! That's exactly what Cas na Clocha is: an experience your audience won't forget.

This magical and mystifying experience is a multi-phase encounter with the spectator. They get to immerse themselves in the story of an ancient con game, where the spectator must determine which end of a stick placed into a box has the odd-colored stone. Though it sounds simple, the routine ups the ante in each phase through pseudo-explanations until a kicker ending they won't see coming. It's a sucker's game, but the presentation lets everyone leave feeling good--baffled, but good.

The routining has been thought-out from start to finish. The online instructions give ample advice on angles, performance, psychology and more. The handling is based on sleights that are simple to learn, and the apparatus resets instantly. Given how easy this is to perform, many magicians will be performing this very quickly.

The Standard Edition Box is lightly sanded and naturally stained. It includes a plain Birch stick, giving the feel of a hand-made gambling tool that perhaps could have been used for generations.

So ditch those effects and give your audience an experience, one they will remember and one you'll be proud to own. Order yours today!

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