Carpenter Coins (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jack Carpenter

Carpenter Coins (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jack Carpenter

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Effetto straordinario con tre monete diverse che viaggiano nelle tue mani, vedi video


"There are coin guys out there and there is everyone else… with Carpenter Coins, we are all coin guys. I have no problem getting solidly behind this set of coins." -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

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Copper/Silver/Brass just got WAY better. Thanks to Jack Carpenter, the routine is now complete. Coins appear, change places, and vanish. Carpenter Coins is a fully loaded routine, with a beginning, middle and, ending that the routine always cried out for. There are seven astonishing moments of magic in Carpenter Coins, and the best part is that it's all easy to perform. The coins do most of the work for you.

Here's what happens: you start with a Mexican Centavo, a Chinese coin and a half dollar and make each one cleanly jump from your pocket back to your hand. Then, two of the coins transpose with another, before finally all vanishing and reappearing in your pocket.

You receive a coin set consisting of precession-made coin gimmicks in a custom-made case. And if you already perform our Charming Chinese Challenge, or No Sense, you'll be pleased to hear that the Chinese coin perfectly matches the one used in those effects.

Carpenter Coins has all the hallmarks of a perfect routine for walkaround and close-up performers: you end the routine totally clean, it resets instantly, has no angle restrictions, and contains many visual, deceptive moments of magic. Best of all, the routine is easy to do and you learn every move in Jack Carpenter's detailed video explanation.

Includes: All of the gimmicks you need, plus an extra Chinese Coin and Mexican Centavo.

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