Hinode Playing Cards

Hinode Playing Cards

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"The Hinode Playing Cards deck is aesthetically beautiful and wonderful to handle. Recommended" -Rolando Santos, Linking Ring Magazine
Used in Japan as a symbol of tradition and good fortune, the rising sun symbol inspired the backs of the Hinode Playing Cards.

The red disc symbolizes the rising sun, with the red lines as light rays emanating from it. This iconic pattern is repeated on the Ace of Spades.

Similar to the Siemens star, Hinode Playing Cards creates a beautiful optical blur, captivating the spectator --making these cards perfect for cardistry and magic.

Includes a prediction card on the tuck flaps, and 2 gaff cards (a double backer and a second Jack of Clubs). Bring good fortune to your performances.

  • 2 gaff cards (a double backer and a second Jack of Clubs)
  • Prediction card on tuck flaps.
  • 2 Jokers highlighting Mt. Fuji
  • Printed by the US Playing Card Company
  • Designed by M. McClure and K. McIntosh

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