Super Latex Cola Drink (Empty) by Twister Magic

Super Latex Cola Drink (Empty) by Twister Magic

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Una bottiglia di cola a sparizione (vuota).

ottima per effetti veloci o comici.

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"These bottles are really very well made and you should seriously think about including a vanishing/ appearing bottle comedy magic routine in your kids show. It has always been a hit with children and there’s just SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with this. And oh, did I mention that you can also twist open the cap? It’s a real plastic bottle cap but the entire bottle (sans the plastic wrapper which really is from a Coke label) is moulded from latex… yet everything looks real." -Ning,

Full Review
George Iglesias and Twister Magic are proud to present the world the New Super Latex Line of vanishing bottles.

Ten years ago, they put in the market a very innovative line of vanishing bottles sealed to contain liquid inside. After many years they have improved the formula to get a better material with new advantages:
  • Modern and very realistic lookalike appearance.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Sealed for liquid.
  • Collapse very small, fitting in your fist to 1/10th of his original size.
The New Super Latex Cola Bottle (Empty version) is great and practical. Show a Coca Cola full of liquid, pour out all the content in one or two glasses, offer the coca cola to your spectators or take a sip. Now place the bottle into a paper bag and after playing the classic vanishing gag, show your real magic and make the empty bottle vanish right away!

You can use this bottle for recycling routines and much more!

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