Mystikos Envelopes by Pablo Amira and Alan Wong - mentalismo

Mystikos Envelopes by Pablo Amira and Alan Wong - mentalismo

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Un set di buste appositamente preparate per creare effetti diretti in mentalismo. 

Un set di buste per mentalisti, normali e particolari.

Con questo set potete fare dei piccoli"miracoli" come fare esperimenti di chiaroveggenza  con il  disegno di un gruppo di spettatori, prevedere chi prenderà una determinata banconota ecc... nel set un pdf  e un video di spiegazioni.


An envelope is a fantastic and innocent tool for magicians and mentalists.

Mystikos Envelopes offers you a new practical, durable and elegant solution for your performances.

In each pack you will receive:
  • 10 normal envelopes
  • 10 window envelopes with removable clear plastic
Made in mystic black color. Strong Tyvek material guaranteed to last for repeated use.

You can use it as a single item, or in conjunction with other props (such as our Universal Switch Device) to expand your options!

You will also receive video and written instructions with a variety of commercial ideas and routines:

1. Homage to Theo:
 A full act using a powerful combination of principles.

2. Psychic Elimination: One participant FREELY selects any ESP Symbol. Another person, while in an intuitive trance, draws one of the ESP Symbols. They are identical. A synchronicity is created!

3. Black Night: A direct approach to the classic opener, perfect for any stand-up parlor performance.

4. Dual Experiment: A double test-conditions test. Prediction and mindreading, all in one.

5. The Best Gift: The perfect routine for any birthday. A complete mini act using your new envelopes.

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