Freakshow Playing Cards - mazzo di carte da collezione

Freakshow Playing Cards - mazzo di carte da collezione

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Un mazzo di carte da collezione dove sono riprodotti tutti i personaggi caratteristici di questo tipo di spettacolo.


"The sides of the box for Freakshow Playing Cards say, “WELCOME TO THE FREAKSHOW.” If that grabs your attention, this deck may be for you. The cards are printed on U.S. Playing Card premium crush stock, and they handle well – neither too heavy nor too light. Although not a fanning deck, I like the way they look when you fan them and spring them. Even if you’re not into it, people are fascinated by the bizarre. That, and the ability to force a card, provide a lot of exciting possibilities for drawing audiences into your own version of macabre magic. Recommended . " -Belle Daily , Reviewer
Extraordinary physical characteristics, shocking performers and curiosities abound.

Celebrate the UNUSUAL and the exotic with Freakshow Playing Cards.

"I don't believe in duping the public, but I believe in first attracting and then pleasing them."
P.T. Barnum

Some of us are born astounding; the rest of us are self-made nonconformists that cultivate freakdom.

Magicians, cardists, mesmerists, snake charmers, fire breathers, and sword swallowers all push the boundaries of normalcy while entertaining.

Honor what makes you different. Come to the big tent.

Marvel at the hypnotic backs.
Recognize your favorite industry faces on the hand-drawn court cards.
Create miracles with the unique gaffs included.


Freakshow Playing Cards:
  • Printed by U.S. Playing Card Company
  • Features specially hand-drawn court cards highlighting your favorite magic and side-show freaks
  • Includes 2 gaff cards (misprinted Ace/Joker and a bearded Queen of Hearts/Joker back)
  • Concept by Eric Ross
  • Designed by Nick Vlow

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