Drift by Merlins

Drift by Merlins

Codice Prodotto:015
Punti Fedeltà:5
  • 29,90€

  • Imponibile: 29,90€
  • Prezzo in Punti Fedeltà: 30

Una carta è scelta liberamente, il mazzo di carte diventa bianco tranne la carta scelta… alla fine anche la carta scelta si trasforma in una carta bianca. 



A deck is freely shown face up and down. A card is freely named; the spectator can change their mind if they wish. The card is returned to the deck. The magician states that he is not going to find the selected card but loose the rest?! With this he begins to show all the cards to be completely blank, first one by one then in clumps, each and every card is blank except one......the selection!! All of a sudden the selection also turns blank leaving the magician with 52 blank cards.

Comes complete with special deck and includes an instructional DVD

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