Quintet 5 by Jack Kent Tillar

Quintet 5 by Jack Kent Tillar

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Un libro di 146 pagine dedicate al mentalismo, 5 predizioni per tutte le occasioni tutti effetti per ogni situazione, senza bisogno di apparati elettronici


"With so many routines packed into 1 book, I’m sure you can find something that you can use." -Bernard Sim, Magic Boutique (Singapore)

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5 Predictions For All Occasions - The Complete Collection

Jack Kent Tillar continues his acclaimed series covering more than five decades in the world of mentalism. This collection includes all of his classic prediction effects for television, stage, parlor, and close-up

-- and for those important promotion or publicity parties -

ALL under one cover -- with NO electronics or apparatus!
  • Over two dozen performance pieces!
  • Five commercial prediction routines directly from Jack Kent Tillar's private catalog!
  • Insider professional tips on maximizing impact and entertainment value by Ross Johnson and Maurice Fogel!
  • Three private routines: Comic Book Hero, The Signed and Numbered Art Piece Prediction plus The Man Who Saw Tomorrow!
  • Two effects slated for individual commercial release: ESP Symbol Control and The Annemann $2,000 Card Challenge!
  • Publicity routines including "See-Through" Headline Prediction, The Joe Renzetti Stage Prediction, and the new "Parachute" Miniature Nest of Boxes Prediction!
Pages 146 - Softbound

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