Worker's Three Shell Game by Leo Smetsers

Worker's Three Shell Game by Leo Smetsers

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Il famoso three shell game fatto con gli attrezzi da lavoro, l'idea di  Leo Smetsers vi permette tante gag comiche, il prodotto è di altissima qualità, gli elmetti (gusci) sono ergonomici econ il giusto peso, il tutto è conservato in un bidoncino in miniatura. Ottimo.


The 'Workers Three Shell Game' by Leo Smetsers is a humoristic take on the three shell game.

This variant makes the game more affordable, and more importantly, a lot funnier! It might be less costly but you can still expect the same high standard of quality that have become the trademark of Leo Smetsers' products.

The infamous shells have been replaced by 3 white hardhats, the ones they use on construction sites! The hardhats are transported in a nice bucket, made of polished aluminum. The lid of the bucket is secured by a simple twisting motion. This trick can easily be combined with acts that involve cleaning services, fire fighters or construction workers!

The ergonomic qualities of the helmets make them especially suitable for the Leo Smetsers' handling techniques. The flat surfaces on the front of the helmets allow them to be confidently and easily handled.In the step-by-step explanation that is included in the packaging Leo will show all the different ways to handle the helmets. 

A real showstopper, that has to be part of any routine!

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